Dissertation title: The evidence in evidence-based education policy. The case of No Child Left Behind.

Discussions about accountability in education reflect overall agreement that accountability is needed. How these acountability structures should be constructed, however, continues to be fiercly debated in the field. Critical voices charge No Child Left Behind (NCLB) and similar high-stakes approaches with exacerbating the very phenomenon they claim to eliminate: stratified, class-based education opportunity. Non-traditional non-achievement indicators are needed to move outside known test-score based limitations of previous policies and to acknowledge school as fulfilling a multitude of societal functions.

My research continues that effort through its theoretical framework of schooling that incorporates traditions of Didaktik and Curriculum to conceptualize the core of schooling to be teaching, yet to equally account for its context factors. Hence, the fully integrated Mixed Methods design, consisting of three consecutive research steps, identifies NCLB's goals for each involved actor group and the law's assumption on how the states goals might be met. Taking that at face value, these goal serve to compare quantitative secondary data with lived-experience interviews with school principals. I chose the historically significant case of Alabama to show a. how the multi-perspective and multi-data design provides new and differentiated knowledge about policy effects, b. how this approach and its methodology allows education theory to reenter accountability discussions, and c. how education-based indicators for schooling and theory-based arguments provide an actionble and more considered basis for current accountability policy decisions.

Ongoing project: Memories of another life: 30 years after the Iron Curtain fell

The project collects narratives of people who lived a part of their lives under communist rule of Nicolae Ceausescu's regime. Some were born and raised there, others visited extensively. Each memory paints its own picture and provides another perspective on the time before and partly also after the dictator was removed in December 1989. This rich variety in retrospectives shall be given space here to create a historic mosaic that embraces ruptures and discrepancies consciously. It makes them visible in putting all those recollections next tone another, untouched and the way they are. History here is the sum of the stories told.

MA Diploma Thesis: "With liberty and justice for all..." - Systemic Issues in US American Higher Education. available here: